Entertainment 5 Most Expensive Movies ever made

5 Most Expensive Movies ever made


Here is the list of 5 most expensive movies of all time. Making a perfect movie takes a huge amount of investment. Although it is not necessary that they perform well on the box office as well.

5. Spider-Man 3 ($260 million) :

The third part of Spider man was released in 2007. It was the most expensive movie in the Spider-Man trilogy. The director of Spider-Man 3 hadn’t handled such a huge budget film before this. This movie is a complete blend of many villains, action, romance, suspense and of course the Spider-Man. The movie was played on nearly 4500 screens in the US alone and managed to collect nearly $1000 million worldwide, more than any Hollywood film before that.

4. Avatar ($ 270 million) :

James Cameron after completing big hit -Titanic wanted to make another git of all time. He’d been dreaming about this his whole life and that’s how Avatar was made and released in 2009. The movie became a real success when it collected close to $2 billion in at the box office and surpassed all the previous records. It became the highest grossing movie of all time. Although the movie production cost was $ 270 million but the team spend a whooping amount of $150 million on promotions. Although there aren’t many fans of Avatar these days but Cameron still plans to make 2 sequels of Avatar in the coming years. As per the sources Avatar 2 and 3 are all set to release in 2021 and 2023 respectively which will have return of many featured characters.

3. Titanic ($ 295 million) :

The movie was released in 1997 and was one of the best things of 1997 that people had ever seen. The movie was based on some real incidents of ‘ship of dreams’ which was carrying around 1500 passengers to their death in North Atlantic. It was the most expensive movie when it was released and even today only few movies have cost more than Titanic. This is a story of a young couple and survival of one is a true love story.

2. Avengers: Age of Ultron ($340 million) :

The sequel of Avengers (2012) based on the Marvel Comics superhero team the Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron was released in 2015. Although Avengers wasn’t expensive but Age of Ultron’s budget increased when the cast threatened to quit if they weren’t given hike! The movie was undoubtedly one if the best creations of marvels. $340 million was worth spending as the movie brought more than $1 billion on the table from theworldwide collection. The movie was released in 3D and IMAX 3D.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides ($442 million) :

This movie was the fourth film in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Released in 2011, this movie tops the list of the most expensive movies. Its special effects, music and the salaries of the cast made it the most expensive in our list. It is believed that Johnny Depp  charged more than $55 million for this movie (an Indian superstar actor charges around $5 million). But when movie collected more than $1.04, it seemed no issue paying $55 million to Johnny Depp.

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