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5 Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Girls Who are always in a hurry


Some days are busy where you don’t have time for your hair styling and you need a simple hairdo instead of a complex one. Here are 5 simple and hairstyles for girls who are always in a hurry and have no time for a complicated hairstyle.

1.       Halo hairband:

This is one of the simplest hairstyles for girls that looks trendy and is suitable for all attires. In this, you need to take a section of hair from one side of your head, twist it and pin it at the back of your head in the middle. Then take another section from the other side, twist it and pin in next to the first twisted section.

2.       Twisted ponytail:

This is a very simple hairstyle and can be done within few minutes. In this, you need to separate your hair into 3 different sections of identical size. Then tie the middle section into a low ponytail. Now take on of the remaining sections of hair, twist it and roll it around the ponytail. Do this rolling only once. After this, you need to pull the twist through your hairband combining it with the ponytail. Repeat the same step with the other side too.  If you feel that the hair is a bit loose then use bobby pins to make it stable and tight.

3.       Braided Band:

This hairstyle gives a very elegant and cute look. You need to take some part of your hair and start your braid from the section behind your left ear. Take a very small section and make a regular braid. After this loosen up the edges of the braid. This gives more volume to it. After tying that up lay it across your head giving it a band kind of look. For support pin it up with bobby pins.

4.       Beach Waves:

For this, you need to make your hair a bit wet as it works best in case of damp hair. After this separate your hair and make sections. The size of the sections can depend on how you want your waves. Then twist these sections and blow dry it and hold it for few minutes. After you blow-dry all the hair, separate it gently with your fingers softly. Your beach wave hairstyle is ready.

5.       Voluminous ponytail:

The voluminous hair look is the one which all the girls want and this is one of the popular hairstyles for girls. In this easy hairstyle that can be achieved in no time and with one simple step. You need to pull all your hair at the back and tie a high ponytail. Then split the hair in your ponytail into two and place a small claw clip into the base of the pony and make sure that the clip is hidden well under the hair.

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